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Spindles Manufactured Using Ti-6Q2 Titanium

Cro-Moly Alloy Steel Has been the most tried and true material used in the MTB industry.But it is vunerable to corrosion and is heavy. Most Cycle Riders are on a constant quest for methods to lighten & strengthen there Cycles.

Did you know that the USAF Developed a Next Generation Cro-Moly Alloy Titanium for the F-22 Raptor Program? This material is Ti-6Q2 (Ti-62222s) This material is stronger & tougher than the traditionally used Ti 6al-4v.Yet Ti-6Q2 shares all of the corrosion resistant & weight characteristics as 6al-4v. We have acquired many tons of this special Cro-Moly Ti Alloy. We are the only stocking aftermarket dealer of this material in the world.

To promote the use of this alloy in the commercial sector we began manufacturing aftermarket replacement spindles for customers who own pedals such as Shimano, Crank Brothers & Bebop and others that we are scared to name. Our products are not manufactured or approved by these OEM's nor is our high strength Titanium Alloy approved by them.

The reliance for our strength claims come from a very reliable source the "United States Air Force".Please take advantage of the millions of dollars of taxpayer funded R&D and apply it to your Cycle pedals through our products.

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